My girlfriend bought me a kitten for my birthday! He was just born and I'll get him in about a month. But he's gray with white paws.

He needs a name. I'm thinking Emmett. After Emmett Kelly, the famous sad hobo clown (his face is also white and gray).

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If anyone has suggestions for names, I'd gladly consider them. BUT they have to be related to these things:

-Tim Burton
-the 60's (Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, etc.)
-old cartoons (80's-90's)
-old horror movies


My birthday!

Today's my birthday. :) I'm going to the Corvette Diner with my family.

Also, change of plans, I won't be able to make it to Califur tomorrow. :( Next year for sure.

Someone stole my clown painting!

I had to do a painting for my Desgin in Mixed Media class. So I chose to do Cornelius, the creepy clown dummy from Dead Silence. The painting started out as a really detailed sketch with a bunch of small thin lines. I photocopied it to make it bigger and then painted the entire thing with a REALLY tiny fine paintbrush. (well, the bristles were tiny). It took THREE WEEKS. I turnd it in and got an A, but Mr. Reis loved it so much he put it on a stand on the front of his desk. A few days later it was gone (this was 2 weeks ago). Today I went up to ask about the upcoming projet, he explained it to me, an then told me that he had bad news.

"You remember that clown painting you did? Well, I had it on dsplay here on my desk. But one of my students from a different class stole it. For the first time in 15 years, something has been stolen from my class. I didn't know how to tell you..."

I'm sad, I was going to frame it and put it with my clown collection! But, I'm a little happy that someone loved it so much they'd want to keep it. I really hope they enjoy it. (I'm not being sarcastic, I really do. It was a lovely painting)

I hope I wrote my name on it in Sharpie instead of pencil.

Ich bin traurig!

(That translates to 'I'm Sad')

Unfortunately, nobody was interested in my trade, which really suprised me. It was such a huge deal.

I feel so sad right now. I really want to make a fursuit to by myself some stuff, but unfortunately I have too many suits to do this month. I have 3 head commissions and 3 partial commissions. I can handle that. BUT my dad wants me to sew his 4 bodysuits, 4 pairs of handpaws, and 4 tails all in this week and my mom wants me to make and sell 3 full fursuits for her for summer money in the next 2 months.

SO, now I have 3 head commisions, 3 partial commisions, 3 full suits, and 4 bodysuits.

And no chance of getting this:

A WWII German Armband- For my collection. Not to wear. I'm not a Nazi. XD

;_; I feel so used.

...Sure nobody wants to buy that for me in exchange for a head or a partial depending on the reserve price? I'll make you anything.

Sorry for being greedy. D:

Fursuit Partial for $60-70? Nearly $200 off!

Ok, since my current commissions are going faster than I thought, I've decided to give another person a chance to get a really discounted partial fursuit. No catches, tricks or anything. There's a few things I want on ebay, and they end in a day. I don't have the money to buy them myself. But they add up all in all (shipping/insurance to my house included) to around $60 depending on if they get more bids (I won't make you pay more than $80 for this stuff though, if one thing goes up too high I'll find a substitute).

Here's how it works: You buy me the items, when you win tell me, and while you're in the process of paying and it's being shipped from the seller directly to my house, we can talk about the suit that you want (nothing super crazy or anything), and then I will start on your suit when I recieve the items.

Behind the LJ cut are the things I want.

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You can see a few (semi-old) examples of my work at

Ventriloquist Dummy!

I have a question for all of you. I want to create/build my own ventriloquist doll, but I am unsure what I should make the head out of. It needs to be something sturdy and that will hold up. I'd like to carve the head out of clay and then cast it with something. But I don't know what material the dummy's actual head should be made out of.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


I'm currently accepting 2 partial suit commissions. Partials start at $250. These will be started at the beginning of April and completed around June.

You can see my works at

And my latest work is here:

((And as for the 3 people who currently are getting heads mad by me, they're foamed and you'll have pictures tomorrow!))

Gene Simmons' Destroyer Boots!

I'd like to recreate Gene Simmons' Destroyer Boots. I'd like to recreate them out of airbrushed leather. Although I have some questions about the construction process of these.

-How will I be able to connect each individual leather peice to form the long part of the boot?

-Is leather strong enough to stand up on it's own, or will the boots need some type of support?

-What should I use to form the dragon faces at the base of the boots. I was thinking foam with leather formed over it. Will that hold up, or should I use something else?

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